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Read/Write EFcfis/EFcphs-cff files
by Jeevaka Badrappan
3 months, 2 weeks
[RFC] HFP support into oFono and BlueZ
by Gustavo F. Padovan
10 years, 1 month
CDMA SMS Handling
by Rajesh.Nagaiah@elektrobit.com
10 years, 3 months
[PATCH 1/2 v2] netreg: Add CPHS CSP implementation
by Aki Niemi
11 years, 5 months
Enabling/disabling the GPS part of a Huawei EM770W
by Florian Mayer (Mayer Electronics)
11 years, 6 months
[PATCH v2 0/8] sms: Cancel pending message
by Lucas De Marchi
11 years, 6 months
[PATCH 0/7] Add CDMA Connection Manager support
by christian.lam@nokia.com
11 years, 6 months
[PATCH 1/3] sim: Watch for changes to relevant SIM files.
by Andrzej Zaborowski
11 years, 6 months
[PATCH] unit: Added unit test for STE
by Marit Henriksen
11 years, 6 months
[PATCH 0/3] Voice call SS notifications (2nd version)
by Andras Domokos
11 years, 6 months
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